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Harriet Lane
Review by Anna James

Harriet Lane has created a taut, unnerving thriller in Her that will keep you in its hold until the devastating conclusion.

Miranda Beverly-Whittemore
Review by Jade Craddock

"If you want to be a Winslow you will have to change what being a Winslow means. You will have to take them all down."

Lucy Ivison and Tom Ellen
Review by Caroline Carpenter

Sam and Hannah are finishing their A-levels and preparing for university by making plans to get drunk, party with friends and lose their virginity.

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Joanna Briscoe
Review by Lisa Redmond

Touched is published by Hammer, Random House's horror list, and is very much a horror tale.

The Woman in the Picture
Katharine McMahon
Review by Lindsay Healy

Set in London in 1926, this novel features Evelyn Gifford, who we first met in an earlier novel by Katharine McMahon, The Crimson Rooms.

The Tea Chest
Josephine Moon
Review by Elaine Penrose
Set in Brisbane Australia and England, we follow the entwined lives of Kate, Leila, and Elizabeth as they strive to continue the success of The Tea Chest cafe, while each addressing their own “st
While the Gods Were Sleeping
Erwin Mortier
Review by Jo Harding
It is difficult to tell you just how good this book is. No review could do it justice, only the book itself.
An old woman remembers.
Summer House with Swimming Pool
Herman Koch
Review by Rebecca Foster
In Summer House with Swimming Pool, Herman Koch, Dutch author of Europe-wide sensation The Dinner, tells another dark tale of family secrets and sexual violence.
The Emperor Waltz
Philip Hensher
Review by Rosanna Hawkins
With The Emperor Waltz Philip Hensher joins the tradition of state-of-the-nation novels that are seemingly dominating bookshop shelves now, a favourite new testing-ground for our literar
The Best Thing That Never Happened to Me
Laura Tait and Jimmy Rice
Review by Laura Iredale
Meet Holly and Alex, who as teenage best friends never managed to share their true feelings with one another. Sound familiar?

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We Were Liars
E. Lockhart
Review by Anna James
No Harm Can Come to a Good Man
James Smythe
Review by Sally Hughes
The Killing Club
Paul Finch
Review by Anahita Mody
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