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Daniel Kehlmann
Review by Jo Harding
What does F of the title stand for? For each reader it will be something different.
Playing Big
Tara Mohr
Review by Kristy Rabbitt
A self-help guide for women offering practical advice on finding your inner voice, moulding your vision and making things happen.
The book identifies that many women ar
Tim Minchin
Review by Kristy Rabbitt
A delightfully illustrated version of Tim Minchin’s hilarious beat poem "Storm".
At a London dinner party, Tim is introduced to the mysterious fifth guest at the table.
Moone Boy
Chris O'Dowd and Nick V. Murphy
Review by Penny Batchelor
The hit comedy series, masterminded by and starring Irish actor turned Hollywood hit Chris O'Dowd, now seeks to dominate not just the airwaves but also the children's publishing market.
First Impressions
Charlie Lovett
Review by Jade Craddock
What better treat for booklovers than a novel about bibliophiles, book collecting and libraries, with a literary mystery at its heart and this is exactly what Charlie Lovett’s First Impressio
Jaume Cabre
Review by Lucy Rock
Following wide praise and applause in the Catalan-speaking world, the English translation (by Mara Faye Letham) of seasoned writer Jaume Cabré's latest novel; Confessions, has been hotly
Everybody Knows This is Nowhere
Alice Furse
For her debut novel, Alice Furse takes a look at the stalled life of a twenty-something graduate.
The unnamed narrator of Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere lives

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The Peculiar Life of a Lonely Postman
Denis Theriault
Review by Jade Craddock
The Girl Who Couldn't Read
John Harding
Review by Morag Adlington
The Children Act
Ian McEwan
Review by Charlotte Colwill
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