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The Children Act
Ian McEwan
Review by Charlotte Colwill
The title of McEwan’s latest novel refers to the piece of legislation that outlines the duty of care towards a minor that the courts must exhibit.
El Deafo
Cece Bell
Review by Kristy Rabbitt
A funny and beautifully illustrated graphic novel memoir about growing up hearing impaired.
Cece was left with a hearing impairment following a childhood illness meanin

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The Mysterious Misadventures of Clemency Wrigglesworth
Julia Lee
Review by Kristy Rabbitt

Lemony Snicket meets The Little Princess in The Mysterious Misadventures of Clemency Wrigglesworth, for those who like an adventure with plenty of skulduggery.

Zoe's Rescue Zoo: The Lonely Lion Cub
Amelia Cobb
Review by Caroline Downie

Sometimes you have to judge a book by its cover, and The Lonely Lion Cub doesn’t disappoint: it has the cutest, cuddliest lion cub you have ever seen.

The House of Journalists
Tim Finch
Review by Penny Batchelor

Welcome to the House of Journalists, a London safe haven for 'Fellows', journalists and writers fleeing their homeland because of torture and political persecution.

The Glass Ocean
Lori Baker
Review by Lisa Redmond

Lori Baker's first novel The Glass Ocean is a strange and dreamy tale of flame-haired six-foot-two orphan girl Carlotta Dell’Oro, whose tale begins as she sets out on a new adventure in a

Winter Damage
Natasha Carthew
Review by Becca Watts

In the not too distant future, the country is a lawless, dangerous place. The winter is harsh and unforgiving; shelter is scarce and food is even scarcer.

The Religions Book
Dorling Kindersley
Review by David Stuart

In an increasingly secular country religion is side-lined more and more, with those who process a faith often seen as relics from a bygone age.

The White Princess
Philippa Gregory
Review by Penny Batchelor

With King Henry VII on the throne after defeating King Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth, courtiers switch loyalties.

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Paulo Coelho
Review by Jade Craddock
Harriet Lane
Review by Anna James
In Love and War
Lesley Lokko
Review by Morag Adlington
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