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Before We Met
Lucie Whitehouse
Review by Rosanna Hawkins

In Lucie Whitehouse's Before We Met, career-focused Hannah Reilly has just settled down.

Christopher Nicholson
Review by Rosanna Hawkins

Winter means several different things in Christopher Nicholson’s new novel, an imagined portrait of the last romance of great Victorian novelist Thomas Hardy. 

The Crooked Maid
Dan Vyleta
Review by Liz Hurley

In Vienna in 1948, two strangers return to the city, having been absent throughout the war.

Katharine Grant
Review by Liz Hurley

In Katharine Grant's Sedition, four families decide to prepare their daughters for the bridal market.

Season to Taste
Natalie Young
Review by Cara Fielder

After 30 years of marriage, both Jacob and Lizzie are unhappy, trying to leave but pulled back to their home of unspoken needs and dreams.

When Mr Dog Bites
Brian Conaghan
Review by Adam Ley-Lange

Sixteen-year-old Dylan Mint suffers from Tourette’s, and has just found out that he is going to die next March.

The Lie of You
Jane Lythell
Review by Penny Batchelor

Have you ever had the feeling that someone's watching you, or gone into a room and thought a photograph had been moved? Kathy is open and trusting – indeed she has no reason not to be.

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The Book of 365
Hugh Brazier and Jan McCann
Review by Jade Craddock
The Night Falling
Katherine Webb
Review by Sally Hughes
John Agard
Review by Sam Pope
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