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The Dead Ground
Claire Mcgowan
Review by Anahita Mody

Forensic psychologist, Paula Maguire returns in Claire McGowan’s spectacular follow up to The Lost.

All the Things You Are
Clemency Burton-Hill
Review by Jade Craddock

Esther Goldfaden is a Holocaust survivor and now lives out her days in New York, a city that has given her a whole new life, with her daughter Rosalind and her husband Frank and her granddaughters,

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The Disgusting Sandwich
Gareth Edwards
Review by Caroline Downie

Badger is hungry, and what could be better than a peanut butter sandwich on white bread? But all does not go to plan, and after a series of mishaps the sandwich becomes more and more disgusting.

Erin Lange
Review by Kathryn Flagner

Butter is a morbidly obese teenage boy, shunned in his high school where all the other students are fashionably thin.

Books Always Everywhere
Jane Blatt and Sarah Massini
Review by Andy Murray

In recent months we've witnessed a small wave of new picture books on a particular subject: that of books themselves.

Vampires in the Lemon Grove
Karen Russell
Review by James Dunn

Karen Russell’s collection of short stories, Vampires in the Lemon Grove, is more than the usual blend of humorous dystopian fiction, combining the surrealist humour of Douglas Adams with

Finding Cherokee Brown
Siobhan Curham
Review by Jade Craddock

Ever since Claire Weeks’ best friend Helen moved away to Bognor Regis, she has struggled to make new friends at school – and worse still she can't escape the bullies that torment her.

The Forbidden Queen
Anne O'Brien
Review by Rachel Sanderson

Katherine de Valois is the daughter of mad King Charles VI of France and his lascivious wife Queen Isabeau, who is renowned for her penchant for seducing pretty young courtiers. 

The Grim Company
Luke Scull
Review by Rachel Sanderson

The Gods are dead – killed by the Magelords who, on their return from the heavens, carved up the world between them and now rule the land and the humans that live on it.

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The Gospel of Loki
Joanne M. Harris
Review by Emily Webb
The First Rule Of Survival
Paul Mendelson
Review by Gerard O'Hare
Dawn O'Porter
Review by Anna James
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