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Mad About the Boy
Bridget Jones
Review by Stacey Bartlett

Bridget Jones is back, with Helen Fielding’s third installment of Bridget’s diary, Mad About the Boy.

Darling Monster
Lady Diana Cooper and John Julius Norwich
Review by Julian White

“The Queen gets very pink in the face.

Fearsome Dreamer
Laure Eve
Review by Becca Watts

In Laure Eve's Fearsome Dreamer, enter a terrifying revision of the world where dreams and reality blur and danger lurks everywhere.

Frost Hollow Hall
Emma Carroll
Review by Lisa Redmond

Frost Hollow Hall is a delightful debut novel from a talented new voice in historical fiction for children.

Goat Mountain
David Vann
Review by Alexandra Murphy

With his latest novel Goat Mountain, David Vann returns to his own childhood to deliver a tale of haunting family bonds – and what happens when they're broken.

Lighter Than My Shadow
Katie Green
Review by Cara Fielder

Katie Green had always been fussy with her food, but as she got older it turned from simple childhood awkwardness into something more.

Worst. Person. Ever.
Douglas Coupland
Review by Cara Fielder

Cult author Douglas Coupland explodes back onto literary scene with his latest offering, Worst. Person. Ever.

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Debbie Taylor
Review by Tracy Eynon
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Review by Morag Adlington
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