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Quarter Past Two on a Wednesday Afternoon
Linda Newbery
Review by Katie Clapham
Having already built a solid reputation in children’s literature, Linda Newbery’s first adult offering has the kind of slow-burning secrets that only the mature can endure.
Alice Oseman
Review by Kristy Rabbitt
An honest and gritty account of teenage life by 19-year-old author Alice Oseman.
Tori despairs of the other students in the sixth form at "Higgs".
Hack Attack: How the Truth Caught up with Rupert Murdoch
Nick Davies
Review by Sinead Fitzgibbon
On 8 July 2009, at half past four in the afternoon, the Guardian newspaper posted a story on their website written by investigative journalist Nick Davies.

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What a Girl Wants
Lindsey Kelk
Review by Jade Craddock
In About A Girl, Lindsey Kelk let Tess Brooks loose on the world and now we finally get to catch up with our newest awkward yet adorable heroine once more.
A Girl Called Summer
Lucy Lord
Review by Megan Brown
A Girl Called Summer follows three interlocking stories of love, lust, and hippies on the idyllic and notoriously debauched island of Ibiza. 
Bella, Andy
House of Ashes
Monique Roffey
Review by Megan Brown
This fast-paced and powerful novel is based on the real events of the experience of the post-independence era for small islands in the Caribbean.
Acts of Omission
Terry Stiastny
Review by Megan Brown
This gritty, historically-based narrative powerfully unravels the story of recently-appointed foreign minister Mark Lucas, and Alex Rutherford, a young man working for the intelligence services.
The Poisoning Angel
Jean Teule
Review by Jo Harding

Helene Jegado is a beautiful Breton but also a murderer, the "Poisoning Angel". She travels from job to job, cooking and killing, usually with arsenic.

The Art of Neil Gaiman
Hayley Campbell
Review by Clair Stanton
An absolute feast for Neil Gaiman fans.
Artefacts of the Dead
Tony Black
DI Bob Valentine has a murder to solve while he’s still reeling from his own brush with death.
Valentine has returned to the force after recovering from being stabbed –

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Paulo Coelho
Review by Jade Craddock
Harriet Lane
Review by Anna James
In Love and War
Lesley Lokko
Review by Morag Adlington
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