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Harriet Lane
Review by Anna James

Harriet Lane has created a taut, unnerving thriller in Her that will keep you in its hold until the devastating conclusion.

Miranda Beverly-Whittemore
Review by Jade Craddock

"If you want to be a Winslow you will have to change what being a Winslow means. You will have to take them all down."

Lucy Ivison and Tom Ellen
Review by Caroline Carpenter

Sam and Hannah are finishing their A-levels and preparing for university by making plans to get drunk, party with friends and lose their virginity.

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The Battle of All the Ages
J.D. Davies
Review by Joy Robinson

The Battle of All the Ages will appeal to anyone who likes Patrick O’Brian’s books of seafaring derring-do but also enjoys the works of CJ Sampson and his investigations of murky goings-on

Roland Watson Grant
Review by Janie Philips

For sixteen-year old Skid, moving from the Louisiana swamp where he grew up to the big city is proving difficult.

Midnight in Europe
Alan Furst
Review by Penny Batchelor

The 2013 television adaptation of the WWII thriller The Spies of Warsaw drew a greater audience to Furst's classic spy novels and his latest book won't disappoint them.

The Broken King
Philip Womack
Review by Nina Koo-Seen-Lin
When Simon's little sister Anna starts annoying him by being noisy, unruly and breaking his music player as well he wishes her away by chanting an old nursery rhyme from a story book called In th
The Creeper
Emerald Fennell
Review by Rebecca Watts

After the events of the previous term at Shiverton Hall, Arthur and his friends could not be blamed for hoping for a quieter few weeks on their return after Christmas.

The Visitors
Simon Sylvester
Review by Penny Batchelor

Myth and murder combine in Sylvester's lyrical yet gripping debut novel. 17-year-old Flora is itching to leave the remote Scottish island of Bancree.

The Letter for the King
Tonke Dragt
Review by Laura Iredale

If you enjoy classic fairytale journeys through forests, over mountains and across kingdoms then this is the book for you.

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Fifteen Bones
R. J. Morgan
Review by Kristy Rabbitt
We Were Liars
E. Lockhart
Review by Anna James
No Harm Can Come to a Good Man
James Smythe
Review by Sally Hughes
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