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Mark Walden
Posted 03/08/2011

Otto Malpense is a pupil at H.I.V.E., the Higher Institute of Villainous Education, where along with his friends he is being educated to play a part in G. L. O. V.

The Legacy
Gemma Malley
Posted 19/08/2011

It is April 2142. For over 100 years, people have been taking Longevity, a drug that is a serendipitous discovery of a failed search for a cure for cancer.

Brian Selznick
Posted 11/09/2011

June 1977, Gunflint Lake, Minnesota. Ben Wilson is living with his cousins, having recently lost his mother.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone
Laini Taylor
Posted 28/09/2011

In Prague, the mysterious Karou is a blue-haired, tattooed art student with ex-boyfriend troubles, whose 93 sketch books are filled with fantastic creatures: bare-breasted women who are snakes from

Heroes of Olympus: Son of Neptune
Rick Riordan
Posted 19/10/2011

In this, the second in Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson spin-off series, it’s not easy being a 16-year-old demigod.

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