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The Barbarian Nurseries
Hector Tobar
Posted 21/10/2011

Héctor Tobar is almost forensic in his descriptive prose, although he appears to be more adept at setting his scenes than creating characters for readers to identify with.

The Sleeping Army
Francesca Simon
Posted 03/11/2011

By Thor, what a tale! For those ready to move on from the delights of Horrid Henry, Francesca Simon has a treat in store.

Ilsa J Blick
Posted 04/11/2011


Patrick Flanery
Posted 29/02/2012

Absolution is a dense, scholarly read which delves deeply into the South African psyche and how it is interwoven so powerfully with its history, particularly in relation to apartheid, incl

Au Revoir Crazy European Chick
Joe Schreiber
Posted 06/03/2012

For an adrenalin-fuelled thriller, with a dose of humour and plenty of blood and guts, look no further.

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