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Leaving Alexandria
Richard Holloway
Posted 29/02/2012

Anyone who has followed the career of the former Bishop of Edinburgh through his extensive writing, or the colourful newspaper headlines he has attracted, is already likely to hold an opinion of th

Darwin's Ghosts
Rebecca Stott
Posted 17/05/2012

When Charles Darwin published his theory of evolution in 1859 it rocked the modern world.

The Shoemaker's Wife
Adriana Trigiani
Posted 24/05/2012

Based on the lives of the author's grandparents, Ciro and Enza live in the Italian mountains at the turn of the twentieth century.

The Taliban Cricket Club
Timeri Murari
Posted 27/06/2012

Nobody in Afghanistan knows how to play cricket, but the Taliban believes participation in the game will earn it diplomatic respect, so a tournament is launched.

The Road to Urbino
Roma Tearne
Posted 04/07/2012

Ras and Alex are two very different men whose lives collide one summer in Italy.

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