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Catch Me
Lisa Gardner
Posted 31/01/2012

The seventh outing for Boston Homicide Detective Sergeant D. D. Warren is, without question an exhilarating – if at times, disturbing – read from first to last.

James Treadwell
Posted 02/02/2012

James Treadwell’s debut fantasy novel Advent is nothing short of magical.

The Killing Room
Richard Montanari
Posted 15/02/2012

This seventh outing for Philadelphia Detectives Kevin Byrne and Jessica Balzano is absolutely everything you would expect from a Richard Montanari novel.

The Killing of Julia Wallace
John Gannon
Posted 28/02/2012

On 20 January 1931, Julia Wallace was battered to death in her home in Liverpool.

What It Was
George Pelecanos
Posted 28/02/2012

George Pelecanos has a produced a novel of such gut-wrenching excitement readers will find it all but impossible not to read it in a single sitting.

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