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The Instructions
Adam Levin
Posted 19/10/2011

The Instructions chronicles four days in the life of Gurion Maccabee, an outstandingly erudite, scholarly and passionate 10-year-old.

The Tiny Wife
Andrew Kaufman
Posted 19/10/2011

Stacey Hinterland is caught in a bank heist, yet the thief demands not money but items of sentimental value. She gives him a calculator.

The Wonderbox
Roman Krznaric
Posted 13/01/2012

Based on the German Wunderkammer - a cabinet of curious objects with stories to be told and lessons to be learned – The Wonderbox draws on historical and cultural artefacts to form an inst

Q: A Love Story
Evan Mandery
Posted 01/02/2012

Q is the love of our hero’s life. Theirs is a fairytale romance and, when he proposes, everything falls into place.

Roundabout Man
Clare Morrall
Posted 01/02/2012

Quinn Smith was the boy hero of the world-famous Triplets and Quinn stories.

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