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The Cat's Table
Michael Ondaattje
Posted 16/09/2011

It’s little surprise this novel, only the author’s third in the 20 years since The English Patient, carries a disclaimer that it is not to be taken as autobiography.

The Quality of Mercy
Barry Unsworth
Posted 16/09/2011

This self-contained title by a previous Booker winner looks at a host of characters and the fallout 14 years on of a murderously failed shipment of slaves to Jamaica.

Lord of Misrule
Jaimy Gordon
Posted 30/09/2011

A young upstart fetches up at a rundown race track in West Virginia, 1970, aiming to surprise those already living there with his four steeds, and make a packet and flee.

The Kite Runner
Khaled Hossenini
Posted 30/09/2011

It’s Afghanistan in the 1970s, and two boys have a loving friendship, despite one being the son of the servant to the other’s father.  They bond over hide-and-seek and competitive kite flying.

Zone One
Colson Whitehead
Posted 05/10/2011

Mark Spitz is a grunt charged with picking off the last remaining zombies in a post-apocalyptic Manhattan.  With the active ones mostly killed by the military, some plague-ridden characters ar

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