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Shadow of the Titanic
Andrew Wilson
Posted 28/11/2011

In Andrew Wilson’s new approach to the most famous shipping accident of all time, the boat sinks at the end of chapter one, allowing him instead to concentrate on the lives of the survivors.

The Cocaine Salesman
Conny Braam
Posted 14/12/2011

If you want a long saga about a sympathetic drug dealer, then this is probably the one.

Chris Womersley
Posted 05/01/2012

Quinn Walker was chased away from his small frontier settlement ten years ago, accused of raping and murdering his younger sister.  

The Locked Ward
Dennis O'Donnell
Posted 11/01/2012

With seven years’ experience, gathered at the start of 2000, O’Donnell shows us his life in a 'specialist' hospital ward.  

The Death of Mao
James Palmer
Posted 18/01/2012

1976 was a tipping point in Chinese history.  

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