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Hope: A Tragedy
Shalom Auslander
Posted 14/02/2012

Solomon is a majorly pessimistic, hard-done-by hero in this brilliantly witty slice-of-Jewish-life black comedy.  

Sam Bourne
Posted 16/02/2012

James Zennor, having been mentally and physically scarred from fighting in 1930s Spain, is stuck at home for the Second World War.

My Friend Dahmer
Derf Backderf
Posted 23/02/2012

Don’t come to this book for a definitive biography of a serial killer.

A Death in the Family
Karl Ove Knausgaard
Posted 29/02/2012

This is one of those hard-to-define books much loved in literary circles, where it could be fiction, and could equally be autobiography.  

Kazu Kibuishi
Posted 29/02/2012

Various artist graphic novel anthologies with a sustained level of quality are as rare as hen’s teeth in the adult market; for better success one has to go to the more child-friendly, young adult r

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