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State of Wonder
Ann Patchett
Posted 20/06/2011

Marina is sent from Minnesota to the Brazilian jungle in search of a colleague, gone missing while investigating the progress of reclusive Dr Swenson's revolutionary drug.

The Midnight Palace
Carlos Ruiz Zafón
Posted 21/06/2011

An intensely Gothic adventure, with touches of horror, set in a decaying, rain-soaked Calcutta, The Midnight Palace recounts the story of seven teenage orphans faced with an inexplicable threat.

Sue Eckstein
Posted 30/09/2011

Understated and elegant, Interpreters is about childhood and the disparity of memory within families.

The Snow Merchant
Sam Gayton
Posted 05/10/2011

The Snow Merchant tells the fantastically improbable yet delightful tale of a girl struggling to run a boarding house alone.

Jackson Pierce
Posted 04/11/2011

Haunted by tragedy, Ansel and Gretchen find work with Sophia, a compelling new friend. But why are townsfolk so suspicious of strangers and hostile towards Sophia?

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