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Nick Rennison writes for the Sunday Times and is the editor of The Bloomsbury Good Reading Guide

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The Reading Promise
Alice Ozma
Posted 21/06/2011

At a time when books often seem under attack, threatened with redundancy by the more aggressive advocates of new media, it is good to read so spirited and charming a paean in praise of the pleasure

Winter King
Thomas Penn
Posted 21/10/2011

We are all familiar with stories of two of the Tudors.

The Autobiography of Jack the Ripper
James Carnac
Posted 18/01/2012

Allegedly, this is the work of a gentleman named James Willoughby Carnac, otherwise unknown to history, who confesses to being the infamous murderer known as Jack the Ripper.

The Pinecone
Jenny Uglow
Posted 05/09/2012

In 1869, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, staying with friends near Carlisle, reported in a letter to his mother that he had come across ‘some most remarkable architectural works by a former Miss Losh’.

On the Map
Simon Garfield
Posted 04/10/2012

Spanish archaeologists recently identified a map of sorts which had been scratched on to a stone by cave dwellers some 14,000 years ago.

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