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Robin Hood
Nick Rennison
Posted 23/02/2012

Whether or not there ever was a real, historical Robin Hood is unknown and much debated.

Spitalfields Life
The Gentle Author
Posted 07/03/2012

The blog began in a small way in August 2009 with a promise by the 'Gentle Author' to write everyday about the rich variety of life to be found in Spitalf

How the Dog Became the Dog
Mark Derr
Posted 19/06/2012

This is not a cosy dog-lover's book for casual reading.

Tokyo Underworld
Robert Whiting
Posted 19/06/2012

In 1976 Robert Whiting went to work in Japan and came to know an Italian restaurant owner from East Harlem named Nick Zappetti.

Naming Jack the Ripper
Russell Edwards
Posted 24/09/2014
In 2007 Russell Edwards bought a silk shawl which had allegedly belonged to Catherine Eddowes, a victim of the Victorian serial killer Jack the Ripper.
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