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Sex on the Moon
Ben Mezrich
Posted 19/06/2011

A good heist is about personality, planning and hairsbreadth escapes. If the prize is unique and priceless (like moon rocks) that just makes it more exciting.

As Good as God as Clever as the Devil
Rodney Bolt
Posted 28/06/2011

At 12, Minnie Sidgwick’s childhood ended with Edward Benson’s marriage proposal followed by an intense but not particularly happy marriage. So far, so traditional Victorian wife.

A Taste of Home
Angela Hartnett
Posted 22/06/2011

Angela Hartnett is famous for the fabulous Mediterranean cooking at her own Michelin-starred restaurant, Murano. This book shows the food she eats at home.

The Book of Human Skin
Michelle Lovric
Posted 25/07/2011

Michelle Lovric’s deliciously macabre tale is played out against the exotic backdrops of eighteenth century Venice and Peru.  Twisted Minguillo Fasan, collector of books bound in human leather

Winter on the Farm
Matthew Evans
Posted 05/10/2011

This is a winter survival pack in hardcover, packed full of rib-sticking recipes to see you through the cooler months.

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