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Sarah Davis is Reader Development Coordinator of Greenwich Libraries

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The Reinvention of Love
Helen Humphreys
Posted 19/06/2011

Set in a turbulent time, The Reinvention of Love is a fictional account of the love affair between the wife of Victor Hugo and Charles Saint-Beuve.

Me and Mine
Anna May Mangan
Posted 19/06/2011

Me and Mine is a memoir about an extended Irish family in the 1950s who, one by one, leave to seek a new life in London.

The Thrifty Forager
Alys Fowler
Posted 21/10/2011

In The Thrifty Forager Alys Fowler extends the theme of her popular The Thrifty Gardener, introducing us to all aspects of gathering fruit, vegetables and other edibles from the l

How it All Began
Penelope Lively
Posted 17/11/2011

How it All Began is essentially a slice of contemporary life. An unforeseen incident sets in train a chain of events that utterly changes the lives of a group of people forever.

Crazy River
Richard Grant
Posted 19/01/2012

Crazy River is travel writer Richard Grant’s real life compelling account of his adventures in East Africa.

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