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Sean Black
Posted 10/08/2011

A man finds a severed head in a newspaper vending machine in downtown Los Angeles. Meanwhile, adult film actress Raven Lane is having trouble with a stalker.

A Woman in Berlin
Posted 01/09/2011

A Woman in Berlin opens with huddled neighbours sharing stories by candlelight.

The Forgotten Affairs of Youth
Alexander McCall Smith
Posted 12/09/2011

Philosopher and Edinburgh resident Isabel Dalhousie is acclimatising to life as a wife-to-be and mother to two-year-old Charlie when her niece, Cat, asks her for a favour.

Helen Gordon
Posted 06/10/2011

Alice Robinson is a 34-year-old art critic for Meta magazine living with her flat-mate Isabel in a bohemian unit in East London.

Irrepressible: The Life and Times of Jessica Mitford
Leslie Brody
Posted 26/10/2011

Jessica ‘Decca’ Mitford, sixth of the seven Mitford children, had several very famous sisters: Diana Moseley, authoress Nancy Mitford, Unity Mitford and Deborah, Duchess of Devonshire.

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