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House of Silk
Anthony Horowitz
Posted 02/11/2011

One year after Sherlock Holmes’s death, Doctor Watson is looking back on his adventures with the great detective.

Season of Light
Katharine McMahon
Posted 22/11/2011

1788: Asa Ardleigh accompanies her sister, Philippa, to Paris.  

Vital Signs
Tessa McWatt
Posted 13/01/2012

Anna, teacher and wife to designer Mike, is suffering from a brain aneurysm – a life-threatening condition that affects her ability to construct sentences and threatens to tear their family apart.<

Sanctuary Line
Jane Urquhart
Posted 22/02/2012

Liz Crane, grieving after her cousin’s death in Afghanistan, moves back to the family farmhouse on Lake Erie to pursue her study of monarch butterflies.

Various Pets Alive and Dead
Marina Lewycka
Posted 29/02/2012

Clara and Serge Free grew up in a Doncaster commune with their parents, Doro and Marcus, and their sister, Oolie Anna, who has Down’s Syndrome.

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