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Simon Savidge blogs at Savidge Reads, is the chair of the Green Carnation Prize and is founder of the Readers podcast.


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For the first year in a while the Man Booker Prize has really crept up on me. Thinking of...


"World Book Night gets books into the hands of those who might not read," said author Patrick...


As a man I wonder if I am meant to find little of interest in the Women’s Prize for Fiction (...

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Booker Prize Longlist: On Canaan's Side
Sebastian Barry
Posted 08/08/2011

There is a rare moment, as a reader, when a narrator’s voice makes the hairs on the back of you neck stand up with emotion: a kind of book lover’s bliss – even when the content is sad.

Booker Prize Longlist: Far To Go
Alison Pick
Posted 05/09/2011

The way the publishers seem to be selling Far To Go is as a tale of the Kindertransport, which took thousands of Jewish children to the safety of Britain from Nazi Germany during the Second World W

Toni Morrison
Posted 03/05/2012

Darkness and questions seem to be the themes in Toni Morrison’s latest novella Home.

The Forrests
Emily Perkins
Posted 24/05/2012

Emily Perkins' latest novel is a dreamlike tale of families and the things that go unsaid in a life. 

Gone to the Forest
Katie Kitamura
Posted 14/02/2013

Katie Kitamura’s second novel, Gone To The Forest, starts off very quietly and then takes you by surprise, delivering a cracking great wallop at the end.

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